First: invest in foreign exchange, do not enter the scene indiscriminately. We are investors, not brokers, and more losses will result in more losses.

Second: investing in foreign exchange should not be priceless. Investors should have a place in their hearts.

Third: investing in foreign exchange, don’t set a stop loss order, or pass the level of stop loss in your heart, still hope, not willing to leave.

Fourth: invest in foreign exchange, do not put the amplification ratio too large. This means that don’t save $300 to make $60,000 speculation. When the waves are high, when a wave hits, a ship carrying six people will sink more easily than a one.

Fifth: invest in foreign exchange, do not do boring actions to lock the warehouse. Many companies can lock positions. In fact, locking a warehouse is only a nuisance to the customer, and there is no benefit. The same currency is bought and sold. The customer only pays about 3% of the interest. Because foreign exchange trading has a magnified ratio, it seems to be three cents, but in fact it is three or forty percent of the principal. So if you do something wrong, you should close the count, come back again, and don’t lock the position.

Sixth: Before investing in foreign exchange, let’s do more analysis. It depends on the news on both sides and look at the chart. After investing in foreign exchange, you should keep in touch with the market. Don’t just look at your own good news. As soon as there is a wind and grass, immediately close the position.

Seventh: Don’t be a stubborn person. Investing in foreign exchange sometimes depends on the wind to make the rudder, and don’t be stubborn. The kind of market is attributed to the city, that is to say, sometimes good news comes into the market, and the market conditions are not only not done well, but fall, that is, your previous analysis is wrong, please act decisively, do not be stubborn.

Eighth: Investing in foreign exchange Don’t listen to the so-called expert remarks. We must have independent thinking, don’t want people to think about it, and we must think carefully before placing an order.

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