The trend of consolidation stage is characterized by multi-empty stalemate, commonly known as “bull skin market”. During this period, hot spots have spread and individual stocks are extremely active, so the basic operating principle is to light index and heavy individual stocks. Short-term investors can focus on the following stocks:
1, Zhuang stocks
In the consolidation stage, it is the hope of many short-term shareholders to choose Zhuangquan. Because before the consolidation stage came, many bankers had taken a firm foothold. Many bankers need to pull up at this time. Short-term investors should seize this opportunity to choose banking stocks from the form first. For example, from the top 20 and the bottom 20 of the daily rise and fall list, as well as the top 30 of turnover or turnover, we can find those stocks with unique trend, because the lonely bankers always appear in these positions in the list. The essence of looking for a unique trend is to look for bankers. However, we should pay attention to the timing of intervening in the stock market. Generally speaking, there are two main opportunities to operate. One is the breakthrough form of standard, the other is the strong form of continuous innovation. The standard breakthrough form of intervention is the same as bull market. Even the innovative strong stocks should choose the short-term average to explore the long-term average and turn upward.
2. Oversold rebound stocks
Over-dip rebound refers to a relatively large increase in the last round of the market. After a long-term correction, the adjustment range is relatively sufficient. Generally, the range of the rebound is about 50%, the risk release is more thorough, and the price and volume cooperate well in the rebound process. Participation in these stocks should grasp two points: first, fast-in and fast-out, rebounding stock prices come and go in a hurry, a little hesitation will pass by; second, timely bagging for safety, because the rebound power comes from self-correction after the market overshoot, the height is usually limited, the stock price is difficult to exceed the previous high. The stocks with short-term mentality should also be held in short-term. When the reasons for intervention have changed, it is not appropriate to hold stocks again.
3. Units in the Pull-Up Phase
These stocks are in the pull-up stage. First, Xiaoyin and Xiaoyang are slowly pushed up. Then, they break through upward with Dayang line and enter the sharp rise stage. Its common characteristics are: first, in the last round of the market, the rise was flat, becoming the leading role in the weak market. Second, in the process of rising, new highs are constantly rising, which is obviously in a rising tide. Some investors believe that these stocks continue to hit new highs, have a relatively large increase, buy too risky. In fact, generally speaking, the strength of a pull-up stock usually lasts for a period of time. The new high constantly shows that the stock is in a good mood, seemingly risky, in fact, it just captures the main upside. Third, the recent listing of new shares.
Stock selection
In the market routes, the market generally operates in a box, with top, bottom and up-and-down oscillation. At this time, you can choose stocks with similar trend to the market and carry out some short-term operations. The typical shape of such stocks is rectangular. If the stock price can be predicted to adjust according to the rectangle in the early stage of the rectangle, then it can be bought near the lower bound of the rectangle, thrown out near the upper bound of the rectangle, and make short-line entry and exit back and forth. If the upper and lower amplitudes of the rectangle are large, the short-term benefits are considerable.

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