Stockholders often say that the big market refers to the big rising market. The most basic condition and typical feature of a big market is the continuous and effective enlargement of turnover, which is the primary factor to judge the nature of the market. Secondly, it is necessary to have a clear hot spot to drive market sentiment, stimulate market enthusiasm, attract more and more off-the-spot funds to join in, and promote the stock index to continue to enter the market. At the same time, from a technical point of view, there are two important characteristics of any big market:
(1) Prior to the big market, after a long period of decline, most investors lost confidence in the stock market;
(2) When the big market arrives, the volume of trading enlarges sharply, which is rare in the past. In 2-3 days, the stock price rises sharply, and the KDJ index reaches a high level quickly.
The key to success in stock investment lies not in buying and selling every day, but in seizing opportunities. Investors in peacetime as bystanders do not move, never for daily fluctuations, once a thorough study, to determine the big market, they should not hesitate to start, never drag mud. Hold fast to the most precious opportunities of the year and strive for greater benefits. Specifically, stock selection in the market can follow the following operating methods:
(1) When the big market breaks out, investors should first choose the stocks in the hot sectors that lead the market to start, such as the network concept stocks at the beginning of the big market on May 19, 1999, and the electronic commerce concept stocks at the beginning of the big market in January 2000. These stocks, as the crystallization of super-main wisdom, stimulate the market because of the presence of major institutions. Tools for boiling point generally perform much better than other sectors, and should be first included in the preferred portfolio of investors.
(2) At the beginning of the big market, there is no need to pay special attention to anything. We should kill the leading stock or strong stock in full position, and select them in the front of the capital ranking and the front of the rise ranking. The ranking of funds is more meaningful than the ranking of increase. The ranking of increase may be false and can be used to rebound out. The ranking of funds is relatively reliable, because the money is real, especially when it lasts for several days. That pile of money is real, and it must be the main stocks.
(3) In the big market, once the volume of the large market is effectively and continuously released and the upward trend is established, the average line system is upward divergent and multi-headed, then every pullback of the large market (or individual stocks) is a good buying opportunity. At this time, we must overcome our psychological fear and boldly buy strong stocks, especially its first pullback. So. In the market, the most taboo is to chase up the rise and fall of the index, which is exactly contrary to the correct approach.
(4) When investors intervene in the market, if the stock in the mainstream sector has not risen by 50% since the start point, they will immediately chase the strongest one of these stocks. Don’t be afraid of heights and callbacks, because the sharp rally is still behind. The strongest stocks are the safest when the market breaks out.
(5) If the stock of the mainstream sector rises too much, and there are signs of high-volume horizontal trading, that means that the first wave of market rally has basically ended. Next, it is necessary to properly sort out, switch the new leading plate, and lead the market to attack again. At this time, investors should choose the plate stocks that are closest to the first stage leading stock market.
Stock selection
In every big market outbreak, the trend of preemption and filling in rights of equity holders can be described as a unique landscape of the market. The “performance wave” of annual report speculation has become a peculiar rule in Shanghai and Shenzhen stock markets, and those stocks that have just published annual report with high performance and high proportion of ownership have undoubtedly become the target of market competition. Because the dividend-giving stock is absolutely good in bull market, it has a great appeal in the market, and many main institutions are also willing to speculate on this topic (after the dividend-giving stock is exempted, the absolute value of stock price is lower and people’s expectation of filling the right, the volume of delivery is higher, and the smooth exit) which arouses the resonance of the market, therefore, the market erupts. Owned shares often appear in the market of preemption and filling rights, which brings surprises to their investors.

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