First, don’t trust your self-confidence too much, your goals must be formulated and implemented, your stop loss, your win-win. How long do you have to make a single order, you must make your plan, or you will lose more opportunities than you win.

Second, don’t rush to learn all kinds of analysis, it’s not what you will do in a day. You might as well learn more about the URLs, look at other people’s analysis in different websites, make records, compare, use your own methods. Do the right judgment, compare it with your analysis, and slowly improve in the study.

Third, don’t trust your analog disk too much. It is not true. It is different in real foreign exchange investment. Your real warehouse will encounter many problems that you can’t imagine, psychological, and network. Investment company, market. You have to know that more than 70% of people who are as smart as you are losers in actual investment.

  1. When the volatility of foreign exchange appears too large, your chance of rebound comes. Under the good stop loss, you can enter with confidence. When there is no sky, the foreign exchange market will not rise or fall. You must have a chance in the short run.
  2. If your funds are all of yours, don’t do it. If you can’t find a valuation method that you think will allow you to enter the market to implement your probabilistic investment, you don’t have to. Investment is not gambling. Although it is as big a risk.
  3. Prepare to use your life to learn, because your opponent has used our life to learn.

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