There are many new stocks, as soon as they are listed, they will open high and go low. On the first day, they will pull out the big Yin line. In the future, they will also be big Yin and small yin. Such stocks of course do not need to participate in short speculation, but to pay attention to its bottom, the bottom is basically reliable, when the banker has sucked enough. At this time, it is better to intervene in the middle line, because there are not many cases with obvious bottom and clear banker’s cost, and the safety of intervening is high, but because there are more clamps on the top, bankers generally do not pull up rapidly, but resolve the resistance in the gradual oscillation.
Even the stocks that were highly hyped when they were listed, there is also a problem of midline warehousing. New shares are quickly speculated after listing, which is very beneficial for short-term, but not necessarily the best opportunity for mid-line warehousing. Because after the short-term rise of these new stocks, the vast majority of them have to go back and sort out to find a new balance point. After the basic confirmation of the bottom, it will be safer to choose the opportunity to build warehouses on the middle line. Specifically, the midline can choose the following new shares.
(1) New stocks with a turnover rate between 60% and 75% on the first day of listing should be selected, which indicates that the banker has completed the warehouse construction quickly, and the range and time of financing will not be too long afterwards. If the change of hands is not enough, it shows that the banker is not sucking enough funds and it is difficult to control the offer. If the turnover rate is too high, there may be a number of major agencies involved in the situation, the follow-up market is difficult to start. However, new stocks with a turnover rate of more than 75% should also be avoided, which may be the result of cash arbitrage on the day of chips collected by the main institutions in the primary market.
(2) In addition, new shares allocated to “strategic investors” should also be actively concerned after listing, because it has become a short, flat and fast way to build warehouses. Strategic investors can buy large amounts of chips from listed companies at wholesale prices.
We should grasp the opportunity to intervene in the strategic placement of individual stocks. According to the relevant provisions, strategic investors in the placement of new shares must hold shares for more than half a year, while ordinary legal persons need three months. Therefore, investors can intervene one or two months before the placement of “strategic investors” shares, which can not only shorten the speculation time, but also make full use of funds.
Stock selection
In order to find opportunities in new stocks, it is necessary to have considerable ability of looking at the market and comprehensive analysis. At the same time, we need to judge the stage of new shares according to the market situation, and then we can make a more accurate judgment. For institutions, it takes a long time to choose the target stocks to build warehouses and start to pull up. Therefore, the focus on this sector should be based on the middle line rather than on the immediate benefits. Most of the stocks in the initial stage of listing, lack of strength, short-term trend is difficult to judge, frequent shocks, only a very few of the stocks can go out of the continuous upward market, giving investors some short-term opportunities. Due to the different manipulation methods, it is difficult to have a fixed formula for the evaluation of this plate, and the difference can only be slowly understood by personal understanding.

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