Many new stocks in China are issued on the Internet. Purchasing new stocks has become a phenomenon with Chinese characteristics in the securities market. The gains from the first-class market are far greater than those from the second-class market. Therefore, our country’s shareholders are willing to go on buying new shares in the first-class market tirelessly. However, small and medium-sized retail investors with less capital have little chance to sign up. Therefore, how to improve the winning rate and strive for greater returns has become a concern of investors.
Investors who want to be the lucky ones to win new shares should not only be lucky, but also fully understand the rules and investment strategies of new shares. Small and medium-sized investors can apply for purchase according to the following strategies.
(1) We should make a general positioning study of the new shares to be issued. Before issuing and listing new shares, studying the prospectus should be the “homework” that must be done before bidding. By comparing with the listed companies in the same industry, especially those in the same industry with similar equity structure, and considering the current situation of the market, the paper estimates the approximate secondary market positioning, and calculates the premium rate on the first day of new stock listing.
(2) When more than two new shares are issued online at the same time, priority should be given to cold-door stocks (of course, not those with poor fundamentals) in order to obtain a higher winning rate. Retail investors with less capital should actively participate in the new share purchase of super-large-cap stocks. Because the winning rate of large-cap new stocks is obviously higher than that of small-cap stocks.
(3) Take advantage of the time lag between the issuance of new shares, that is, when the issuance of new shares is relatively intensive, avoid the peak of pre-issuance subscription and choose to subscribe for new shares issued later. If one new stock is issued continuously on the 3rd, 4th and 6th day of a month, because the subscription funds on the 3rd and 4th days have not been thawed on the 6th day, the subscription on the 3rd and 4th days can be abandoned and the subscription on the 6th day can be made, so the winning rate is sometimes higher.
(4) Participating in the original B-share company’s purchase of additional A-share, the winning rate is also relatively high.
(5) The whole warehouse attacked a new stock. For example, if three to five new shares are issued simultaneously in a week, a full warehouse is selected for bidding in order to increase the winning rate. The average winning rate of 8 new shares is 0.564%, and 1000000 *0.564% is 5 640 yuan. This shows that the average winning rate of 1 million new shares in the current market can be calculated as 500 or 1 000 new shares. But if the investor divides the 1 million yuan into three parts and buys three new shares separately, it is possible that one new share will be less than one. Therefore, it is suggested that the investor within 1 million yuan should strike a new stock in his warehouse.
(6) Choose a reasonable order time. According to historical experience, the probability of winning an order at the beginning or the end of the market is small. It is better to choose the middle time to apply for an order, such as 10:00-11:00 in the morning and 13:30-14:30 in the afternoon.
(7) Investors with large amount of capital can purchase with multiple accounts; investors with small amount of capital often have difficulty in signing once for several months or even the whole year. At this time, they can adopt multi-person cooperation and share the average income gained by selling stocks after signing.
(8) We can actively participate in the bidding of some large or super-large stocks. As the market expects these large-cap stocks to have a low yield, when the issuance of new stocks is relatively frequent, some funds will abandon the purchase of large-cap stocks and buy small-cap stocks, which will increase the winning rate of these large-cap stocks.
Stock selection
The account number of subscribing shares should be close to each other. Conditional shareholders should open multiple linked capital accounts. When they apply for new shares, they should use multiple magnetic cards to subscribe next to each other, so that multiple accounts can be allocated continuously. For example, the final number is “1, 2, 3, 4, 5, 6, 7, 8, 9, 0”, which has the highest successful rate.

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