First, speculation is as old as a mountain.

   I have seen this sentence from the “Memoirs of the Stock Hand”. Every time I read this sentence, I feel a shock inside. Although a short sentence has gone through the speculative market, I seem to see it. People struggling in long speculative rivers, including the self-defense of the author after speculative failure, the nature of speculative games will not change, human nature will not change, greed, fear, despair, ecstasy, and the ending is often at the beginning It is already doomed.

Second, people give up my take, people take me.

   This sentence seems to come from China’s “Historical Records of the Biography of Goods”. The “Biography of the Goods” contains a wealth of ancient Chinese private wealth management ideas. “People abandon me, people take me.” Sima Qian was listed as an important strategy for surprising success. In the securities market, I think we should use “people to abandon me, people take me.” As one of the most basic ways of thinking, use this way to think about problems, keep vigilance against various prophecies, and work hard. Be cautious when others are greedy, and be bold when others are afraid.

Third, buying depends on confidence, holding on patience, selling on determination.

   This sentence was seen in a public investment manual I saw earlier. The book collected a lot of maxims. After the baptism of time, I now remember this sentence. The three sentences put the specific investment behavior in the investment. The principles are concise, thorough, and thorough. Looking back at your investment experience, almost all the mistakes are included in these three sentences.

Fourth, only holding shares can make big money.

   If you want to make big money in the stock market, you have to work hard to learn. Whether you have a horizontal research index or whether you have a horizontal selection of stocks, the real skill that can really make you money is how to hold shares and how to hold shares. The reason is not like the research index and the recommended stocks. It is clear in a few words that it is easy to improve in the short term. It requires long-term investment experience accumulation, continuous improvement of psychological quality, and effective methods of controlling risks.

  1. The value of the enterprise determines the long-term price of the stock.

   This sentence is a simple summary of my research on value investment theory. After nearly ten years of investment practice, I feel that in order to maintain the research of stocks and maintain a normal heart, we must have a set of stock prices. Judging the standard, even if you use some simple judgment criteria, it doesn’t matter. What is important is that you must have it. Your view of the price of the market cannot depend on whether the cost of the big money is above. Otherwise, you will be superstitious about the power of big money. If the main reason for your trading comes from the traces of big money, you can’t pay attention to the price, but don’t trade, you can easily fall into frequent buying, because you don’t have the standard of your own stock, so you will often go Following the big money that is actually as stupid as many retail investors, in the stock market, the big money that is based on the value discovery value mining is easy to succeed, and it is easy to realize the profit. The capital advantage alone attempts to control the market from the value hype. The final outcome will not be optimistic, and the more mature the securities market, the more obvious this is. Supply and demand create short-term fluctuations in prices, and the intrinsic value of firms determines long-term fluctuations.

  1. Don’t predict the market easily.

   It is easy to judge what level of stock price is reached, and how long it will take to reach a certain level. No matter how to study the forecasting skills, the probability of accurately predicting the short-term trend is hard to exceed 60%. If you try every time, you will stop the loss if you make a mistake. Exiting the market will not only lose your money, but will also continue to damage your confidence. I think we should look for some stocks with long-term price potential from the fundamentals, and combine some technical methods to properly control risks and hold stocks as long as possible. The market trend gives a contoured assessment.

Seven, the decline in the stock market, such as the January snowstorm is normal.

   This sentence is one of Peter Lynch’s “Winning over Wall Street”. “In fact, the fall of the stock market, such as the January blizzard, is normal. If you are prepared, it will not hurt you. Every time you fall is a great opportunity. You You can pick cheap stocks that investors who have been scared away by the storm.” I think this sentence is a very vivid illustration of the cyclical nature of the stock market. People are unconscious in the cycle of spring, summer, autumn and winter, and the stocks are unconscious. The market’s rise and fall is often surprised. In fact, the stock market’s ups and downs are normal, but our market sometimes its spring is too short, winter is too long, I think this is not understandable to people who are used to the Northeast. It will be too difficult.

Eight, as simple as possible

   This sentence is a repetitive emphasis in the introduction in the book “Technical Analysis and Forecasting of Stock Price (Futures)” by John Murphy, a US technical analyst. He means “as simple as possible” when using technical analysis. I understand The so-called as simple as possible is to master the core ideas and use them, such as the trend once the formation of short-term irreversible. Stock selection must be led by stocks. In my practice, I often remind myself to try to make my investment philosophy and investment principle as simple as possible. When things are simple, they will become clearer. The constraints on my investment behavior will become more powerful and not in line with my own principles. Things are easy to resist, such as A-Gump, the simple and simple life contains fun and true wisdom.

Nine, constantly reduce transactions

   This is a sentence that has been understood from the myriad of losses in my numerous mistakes. Buffett once said: “Money flows from active investors to patient investors here. Many energetic and enterprising investors. Wealth is gradually disappearing. “In fact, no matter what your idea is, it is a speculator or an investor. This sentence applies. To reduce your mistakes, start by reducing the trade.

Ten, stay away from the market and stay away from the crowd.

   The book “The Ukrainian People” says: The accumulation of stupidity in the crowd is not a natural wisdom. The mentality of stock trading is inversely proportional to your distance from the crowd. Don’t recommend stocks, talk less about stocks, keep a distance from the market, and keep your price fluctuations as far as possible. Don’t let the market machine mix your already clear. Trading philosophy. I saw a Japanese booklet in the university era about how to experience the joy of loneliness. I like the point of view in the book. Loneliness is a special kind of power. If you feel loneliness and are happy, then congratulations, your The mind is powerful. In the noisy market of the stock market, it is the place that should be the most self-sufficient. After you know it, you can fix it. You can then calm down, and then you can be safe. Then you can think about it and you can get it afterwards.

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